Proposal for XSL Tables: Split Cells

Rick Jelliffe
Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan


Automated typesetting system invaribly do not support  tables with headers with split cells.   For examples, see

These kind of tables are very common in China, Korea, and Japan. Academia Sinica considers that it is an internationalization requirement to support them, and invites the XSL FO WG to consider the following proposal.  Alphabetic scripts have longer words than ideographic scripts; consequently splitting header cells diagonally is not in important or common typographical practise for use with alphabetic scripts. However, it is a common practise in East Asia: one regularly sees publications in which every table is set with diagonally-split header-cells.


The definition of table-header should be changed to allow
    (table-row | ( table-cell | table-split-cell-container )+ )

The definition of table-row should be changed to
    ( table-cell | table-split-cell-container )+