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displaying graphics

From: Medina, Edward <emedina@btg.com>
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 08:51:57 -0500
Message-ID: <BB3B8E2BD7EED211935500A0C9C74B7B86ED90@exch-grimm.btg.com>
To: "'xsl-editors@w3.org'" <xsl-editors@w3.org>
Good Morning Editors!

I have a little situation with graphics that I would like to share with you!
I am with a developing team
that is creating an editing tool which would work with XML.  I am the XML,
XSL, and DTD guru of the team
(so far anyway).  However, I am not the all knowning and wise XML Lama there
is by any stretch of the 
imagination.  Ok, to the point at hand.  On several of the documents that we
have to support for the 
clients there is a banner with the title of the document, the name of the
organization and their logo.
Pretty standard stuff.  However, in our project we want to prevent the user
from placing graphics randomly
anywhere in the document, and therefore we resctriced  them to a major
element called packet, and only
after a para (paragraph) and title have been used.  The banner needs to be
displayed above the title.
I have resolved the problem with XSL, but there are additional graphics that
need to be displayed at 
numerous points in the document, which I can also due.  Here comes the
problem, due to the fact that
graphics can only be nested within packet, and only after title and para the
banner is also being displayed
after the first paragraph.  Which obviously is not want I want to due.  

I know that I could utilize the <xsl:when>  with the <xsl:if>, however IE5
does not like that.  I've tried to get 
several parsers to work with it, but I either can't figure them out, or
don't due what I would like them to do.
This may just be one of those things that will be fixed when Microsoft and
Netscape actually follow the W3C

Edward Medina
System Engineer
BTG, Inc.
5100 West Kennedy Blvd. #285
Tampa, FL 33609	
(813) 288-0333 ext 22
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