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Happy New Year 2000

From: <happynewyear2000@usa.net>
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 1999 11:51:50
Message-Id: <420.883408.114729@majordomo.f1000.com>
Is a half a glass of water half full or half empty?

When looking at the help-wanted ads, are you a job seeker or an 

Is next year just another year or how you will inscribe in 
history your contribution?

Are you a curiosity seeker, procrastinator, two-percenter, or 

If you answered that you're an opportunist who views life as a 
wonderful gift, who seizes the opportunity of each moment, and 
sees only the positive, then you are only a week away from your 
new destiny.

Resolutions are for procrastinators. Most are made in your head 
and soon forgotten.

The path to true change comes with meticulous documentation of 
your priorities, goals, appointments, etc.

The Internet has spawned a new era of discovery, at a pace 
unequaled in human history.

I personally wish you a wonderful season of holiday and gift 
giving, and may your New Year bring out the best you will 
continue to be!

Roger Madison
The Inverness Foundation
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