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Re: p:exec -- can it apply to only selected parts of input using a loop?

From: Alex Muir <alex.g.muir@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2011 12:19:13 +0000
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To: Inigo Surguy <inigo.surguy@gmail.com>
Cc: XProc Dev <xproc-dev@w3.org>

Thanks for the responses,

Indigo,, I wonder if they had been asked what p:modifyNodes does in relation
to a xml document if they would use the word maybe less. I like your poll.

Mozer, I agree with your points

Vojtech,, although I understand your points fully they speak to me that
viewport is talking about something other than xml documents.

I should add that initially thought it had something to do with the ports,
like source port output port that xproc uses in steps as I had become
familiar with xproc for sometime before knowing about the step.

Hans.. I hear ya!

I admit I can work with viewport, just wonder how many people are going to
scratch their heads wondering how they do a simply thing like modify some
nodes in an xml document until they search the xproc dev list for modify
nodes or something term like that and read these posts about viewport.
Anyway if that happens in the future let us know so we can laugh about it.
Alas I suppose the xproc book will answer such questions in the future.

I better get back to work :)


On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 11:40 AM, Inigo Surguy <inigo.surguy@gmail.com>wrote:

> > What would a developer think p:viewport does intuitively?  If random xml
> > developer not familiar with xproc was asked what they were going to do
> when
> > viewing a port on their xml input what would they say?
> >From a quick poll of the two developers next to me who are familiar
> with XML but unfamiliar with XProc:
> * "Maybe something like a SQL view, so I'd expect to be able to see a
> bit of the data, maybe transform it and maybe join it with other data"
> * "Maybe you'd use it for viewing a subset of an XML document -
> perhaps you'd give it an XPath and it would just show you things that
> matched it?"
> Perhaps this is influenced by me pronouncing it as the one word
> "viewport" rather than the two words "view port", but that seems to
> reflect what viewport actually does fairly well.
> Inigo

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