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Re: The law of unintended consequences

From: Wendell Piez <wapiez@mulberrytech.com>
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 17:35:37 -0400
To: XProc-dev@w3.org
Message-ID: 20100416175300.GA85648@mail11d.verio-web.com>

At 04:39 PM 4/16/2010, you wrote:
>The way exclude-inline-prefixes works is like exclude-result-prefixes
>in XSLT. If you explicitly ask the processor to discard a namespace
>inside a p:inline, it will.
>This is usually a good thing, it allows you to avoid having all sorts
>of extension namespaces and other cruft turn up on your nice clean
>inlined documents.
>But in this particular case, I had a stylesheet inline and I excluded
>a namespace that the stylesheet uses. Now, if the use was on a literal
>element or attribute name, then everything would have been ok. You
>can't throw away a namespace you actually use in an element or
>attribute name because that would make the document not namespace

Ah, okay, so you have found an edge case where your finger-defaulted 
setting of exclude-inline-prefixes fails you. (Me <- learning what 
"inline" means in XProc.)

>I think this is going to be rare, it just caused me to wrinkle my brow
>for a few seconds.

It's the kind of small anomaly that makes for a FAQ.

>If this was really a problem, you could move the
>exclude-inline-prefixes attributes down off the document element onto
>the individual p:inline elements where you wanted them (and not on the
>one that contains the stylesheet).



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