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Imports do not seem to have any effect in validators.

From: Ortuzar San Vicente, Lander <lortuzar@indra.es>
Date: Mon, 8 May 2006 12:18:33 +0200
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To: <xmlschema-dev@w3.org>
Cc: "Palenzuela Roses, Oriol" <opalenzuela@indra.es>
Hello everybody,


I'm a new at xml validation, so I apologize if i'm asking a rather
simple question.

It seems that the imports I use have no effect in validating the XMLs,
as with xmllint and xsv, 

there is no complain if I modify a field which is presumably checked by
an xsd which is imported.

I have a main xsd for the body of the file, and a special xsd for the
header. When I check the XML, 

the validators take into account the information present in the body.xsd
but not the one present in

Headers.xsd as when I modify to XML in the body to become not valid it
is detected but, when I alter the header,

the validators do not detect the error!


The xsv tells about the imports it has found as they were correctly




It seems like I'm missing something important ;), so please somebody
help me, and tell me what to do

to get those imports to work properly.


Thanks in advance for your support,

Lander Ortuzar San Vicente 
Telecommunication Engineer 
Satellite Navigation Systems Department 
Indra Espacio SA 


Email      lortuzar@indra.es 
Web       http://www.indra.es/space 


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