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Re: Turn XML Schema into sample document using XSLT

From: Florent Georges <darkman_spam@yahoo.fr>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 14:48:30 +0200 (CEST)
Message-ID: <20060712124830.20731.qmail@web25801.mail.ukl.yahoo.com>
To: Mukul Gandhi <gandhi.mukul@gmail.com>, xmlschema-dev@w3c.org
Cc: "Lev S. Pliner" <pliner@sky.ru>

Mukul Gandhi wrote:


> After some googling, it seems there is no such project. But
> tools like XMLSpy can do this nicely.

> Do you specifically need XSLT stylesheet only?

  XMLSpy does it for very simple cases, if I remember right.  For more
complex cases, like inheritance and abstract elements, ID and IDREFS,
coocurrence constraints, etcetera, I think there is no support at all.

  Of course you can write an XSLT script to transform its result to
what you want, but I guess having a set of stylesheets could be
interesting to import in new, local, simple generators.



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