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XSV crash on wildcard item

From: Isaak Berg <Isaak@cimaging.net>
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006 15:47:08 -0500
Message-ID: <5C9AAF0C936DB1449C675075945762A46EE56E@cranberry.cimaging.local>
To: <xmlschema-dev@w3.org>
I get a crash reported by "XSV 2.9-1 of 2005/04/14 11:49:27" during
validation when it encounters a wildcard element. By using 'localized'
versions of the seven OME-defined schemas involved, I've isolated the
problem to the wildcard element by comparing the results before and
after commenting it out 
(By "localized", I simply mean I downloaded a copy of each, put them all
in the same directory, and updated all the schemalocation="<value>"
values previously pointing to the www.openmicroscopy.org server to that
directory. I also assigned new namespace names although that probably
was unnecessary. I know all this was done correctly because I can get my
modified version (with the wildcard element in CA.xsd changed to
non-wildcard content) to validate the localized version of Sampe.ome,
whereas leaving the wildcard in yields the same error message from my
localized setup as I get if I validate Sample.ome directly from its
http: link referenced below. Probably pretty much what anyone else would
do... unless the XSV command-line can somehow make all that
The subject of the validation when this occurs is the file found at 
and the error occurs while parsing the schema referenced at
Any input would be greatly appreciated.  

Isaak Berg

Software Developer


Compix Inc., Imaging Systems

109 Nicholson Road

Sewickley, PA 15143


412-741-7930 Fax

www.cimaging.net <http://www.cimaging.net/> 


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