I have an XML document containing this set of fixed-length within a tag:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<data>8.5  6.54 3.11 6.76 123.0</data>
These are dew point readings from a sensor, each field is 5 bytes long. What would be a schema for this instance?  Can a schema describe untagged data?
The real data is complex, coming from many sensors and having a structured hierarchy but the above sample articulates the use-case adequately.  I do not want to tag every data element as bandwidth varies greatly. 
Right now I let this lite XML to flow over the wireless connection then use XSL to generate a fully tagged document. My schema describes the latter.  Can a reference to a stylesheet be embededded in a schema such as to say, "apply this transform to the data before validating"?
Kurt Steele



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