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Re: xsd substitution groups weird problem

From: sreedevi crk <sreedevi_crk@yahoo.com>
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2005 21:59:17 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <20051120055917.15008.qmail@web61118.mail.yahoo.com>
To: Kasimier Buchcik <K.Buchcik@4commerce.de>
Cc: xmlschema-dev@w3.org
  I had no luck using your codebase with xmlspy and stylus(I am using thier latest versions/validators).
  Please let me know the tool name that you used to test your codebase.I would like to try using the same tool.
  Please let me know since I am new to xml/xsd, I am trying to understand your advice from the previous email -
" In "Participation.xsd":
  - Removed the declaration of the element "signatureString" and
    imported it from an additional schema with no targetNamespace".
  I am curious to know as how it helped to solve the problem - is it the chameleon namespace design pattern? 
  Also I think you are right that there could be bug in xmlspy/stylus while generating the original instance document -
After rereading "Schema definitive guide" book regarding substitution groups and its two alternatives(choice groups, type substitution) - In my example xsds, though, I used SUBSTITUTION GROUPS(more than one level deep),  the generated instance document treates it as TYPE SUBSTITUION  since it has entry for xsi:type and expects user to fill in the type. This happens only in case IMPORT statement usages instead of  INCLUDE statement usuage. 
  Your help and time in this regard is highly appreciated.
  Thanks in advance.

Kasimier Buchcik <K.Buchcik@4commerce.de> wrote:

On Thu, 2005-11-17 at 11:35 -0800, sreedevi crk wrote:
> Hi
> I have errors while validating your modified xsds that you listed in
> your reply. It happens both in XMLSpy & Stylus. Please help. 
> Meanwhile I will try using w3c xsd validator to double check the
> validity of my original xsd files posted in this forum. 
> Following are the errors I was getting in your modified xsds:
> Error for Particiaption.xsd:
> file:///c:/VHIM3200/Datatypes3203/RDT/Participation-B.xsd:14,53:
> Schema Representation Constraint: Namespace 'Participation' is
> referenced without declaration
> file:///c:/sree/VHIM3200/Datatypes3203/RDT/Participation-B.xsd:10,52:
> Schema Representation Constraint: Namespace 'Participation' is
> referenced without declaration

Unlikely; if you look at "Participation-B.xsd" you'll find:

> Error For Participation-B.xsd:
> Validating Participation-B.xsd...
> file:///c:/VHIM3200/Datatypes3203/RDT/Participation-B.xsd:8,45: The
> namespace of an element must be different from the
> targetNamespace of the ing schema
> file:///c:/sree/VHIM3200/Datatypes3203/RDT/Participation-B.xsd:15,53:
> Schema Representation Constraint: Namespace 'Participation' is
> referenced without declaration
> file:///c:/sree/VHIM3200/Datatypes3203/RDT/Participation-B.xsd:11,52:
> Schema Representation Constraint: Namespace 'Participation' is
> referenced without declaration
> The XML document Participation-B.xsd is NOT valid (3 errors)


It looks more like those schema processors you used are not able
to handle the imports. If you use the Stylus Studio as I know it, then
you'll find an arrow-button to the right side of the "Validate Document"
button, pressing this button will pop-up a list of custom schema
validation engines. Try to validate the scenario with those and if
it still fails, then please report those validators together with 
their version numbers - your validators might be outdated.

Additionally (but unlikely) it may be that my mail didn't come
through correctly to you, so try to compare the scenario on your side
with the archived version of my mail at:



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