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XML-schema 1.1 - conditional occurrence of child elements

From: <jozef.aerts@xml4pharma.com>
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2005 11:48:02 +0100
To: <xmlschema-dev@w3.org>
Message-Id: <27999199$1110365087422ed39f15f5a9.73082578@config15.schlund.de>

Are there any plans to implement conditional occurrence of subelements
in XML-Schema 1.1 ?

What I mean is e.g. that the occurrence (or number of occurences) of a
subelement is dependent on the value of e.g. an attribute.

For example:
<element1 hasSubelement="Yes">

<element1 hasSubelement="No">

If there are plans for this, can you already reveal how this is
envisaged to be implemented in XML-Schema 1.1?

I ask because we are currently further developing an international
XML-based standard in the healthcare sector.
We want to have conditional occurrence of subelements anyway (at the
moment tailored-written software has to check), so we want to have the
XML-Schema for it as close as possible to XML-Schema 1.1

Many thanks in advance


Jozef Aerts
Received on Wednesday, 9 March 2005 10:50:04 UTC

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