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'Re: "Re: xs:include changing targetNamespace"'

From: Kasimier Buchcik <kbuchcik@4commerce.de>
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 11:03:29 +0200
To: "<\"ht@inf.ed.ac.uk\"" <"Henry S. Thompson"@mail.firmenpost.de>
CC: <xmlschema-dev@w3.org>
Message-ID: <4163B4E1.8090406@4commerce.de>


ht@inf.ed.ac.uk wrote:
> No.  That would leave all internal references undischarged.  It is
> equivalent to constructing a schema for the included document, then
> replacing ·absent· with the relevant TNS everywhere in the components
> thereof called for in 3.2.1 and 3.2.2.
> Note it is because of chameleon include that a list of schema
> documents is _not_ sufficient to determine a schema -- you need a
> labelled directed graph, with the labels being the TNS.

Does this mean as well, that if a schema document (A) with an existing 
target namespace includes a schema document (B) with no target 
namespace, which, in turn, includes a schema document (C), the target 
namespace of (B) will still be 'absent' when the constraints for 
including of (C) are applied? IOW, does this chameleon-effect touch the 
first level of includes only?


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