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RE: Fwd: Re: RESEND: Extending xhtml? How?

From: Brad Cox <bcox@virtualschool.edu>
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2004 15:31:04 -0500
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To: "Richard Lander" <rlander@microsoft.com>, "Jack Lindsey" <tuquenukem@hotmail.com>, <xmlschema-dev@w3.org>

At 12:05 PM -0800 1/24/04, Richard Lander wrote:
>I'm guessing that the 90% browser reference is IE. I believe that you
>are saying that IE handles XML+XSLT fine but not XML+CSS and that that
>latter combination is the point of contention. Is that the case?

I've not experienced problems using XML/CSS except for (numerous) IE 
"embrace and extend" incompatibilities on the CSS list. OTOH that's 
the last place I'd notice them. I test everything in MacOSX and Linux 
which are the only machines I own. Don't even have a machine running 
windoze. Windoze is for sheeple (which includes 90% of my students, 
unfortunately, so I can't ignore it altogether ;)

I've been slowly using more and more CSS as I gain confidence I won't 
have to debug problems on a machine I don't even have access to at 
some student's home.

>This is a surprise to me, as I know that I've done XML+CSS in IE6
>before. I believe that it worked in IE5 as well. In fact, I believe
>that's what I tried first, XML+CSS that is. Now, I haven't tried this in
>a few years, but I'm certain that it worked.
>Anyone else out there with the same experience?
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>I think people were slow to respond because they were confused about
>you are trying to achieve.
>If you want your students to access this material through standard
>there is no point in extending XHTML, unless you want to build a custom
>browser to handle the extensions.
>If you want to present your custom data structure vocabulary to a
>you should be able to use XML files, validated against an XSD schema,
>directly styled for the Web by CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).
>unlike Mozilla and Opera, the browser with 90% market share can't handle
>this.  Therefore, the industrial-strength, cross-browser solution is to
>include a reference to an XSLT stylesheet in your XML file, which
>the XML into XHTML, and includes a reference to a CSS stylesheet,
>you to keep cosmetic tweaks to presentation separate from content
>You mention an interactive question-and-answer feature.  XHTML has basic
>form/input features which can be managed by client-side JavaScript or
>server-side CGI/Perl scripts, and Curt mentioned Xforms.
>You also mentioned an affinity for Java.  You could put <object> tags in
>your XHTML which would invoke and pass parameters to Java applets.
>So many options, so many technologies, so little time!
>HTH  Jack
>>From: Brad Cox <bcox@virtualschool.edu>
>>To: Curt Arnold <carnold@houston.rr.com>
>>CC: xmlschema-dev@w3.org
>>Subject: Fwd: Re: RESEND: Extending xhtml? How?
>>Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 17:46:04 -0500
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