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a base type definition and a variety list

From: Vladimir Zykov <zykov@online.kharkov.ua>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 13:12:49 +0200
Message-ID: <7520096927.20040219131249@online.kharkov.ua>
To: xmlschema-dev@w3.org


   I'm trying to understand the fix to XML Schema Structures at errata
document.   In  particular  E1-22  Error  and  its  "Schema  Component
Constraint: Derivation Valid (Restriction, Simple)" subpart.

   I  don't  understand  the  following.  The  subpart  2.3.1  of  the
paragraph  2  (If  the {variety} is list...) states "If the {base type
definition}  is  the  Ěsimple  ur-type  definitionĚ,  then  all of the
following must be true:"  The {final} of the {item type definition} must not contain
list.   The   {facets}   must   only contain the whiteSpace facet

   I  cannot  devise an example of this. If the {base type definition}
is  the  Ěsimple  ur-type  definitionĚ,  then we have something like:

<simpleType name="ns1:someType1">
   <list itemType="string"/>

the  is not applicable. We have empty {facets}. And is this a
restriction at all? I don't know I just make an assumption.

   On the other hand if we have:
<simpleType name="ns1:someType2">
   <restriction base="ns1:someType1">
      <length value="10"/>

then  the  {variety}  is  list  but  the {base type definition} is not
Ěsimple  ur-type  definitionĚ and 2.3.1 does not apply at all.

   As  far  as  I  understood  if  we have {variety} equal to list and
"Schema  Component Constraint: Derivation Valid (Restriction, Simple)"
is   only   applicable   to   the   <restriction>  alternative  within
<simpleType>  then  the  {base  type  definition}  cannot be a Ěsimple
ur-type definitionĚ. Since the later doesn't have {variety}.

   Does  this  all  make  sense?  Or  am  I  mistaken? Then what is my
mistake? Thanks.

Best regards,
 Vladimir                          mailto:zykov@online.kharkov.ua
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