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RE: Changing "substitutionGroup" to "choice" and maintaining the validation equality of the schema

From: Marko Smiljanic <m.smiljanic@utwente.nl>
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 15:19:38 +0200
To: <xmlschema-dev@w3.org>
Message-ID: <001201c394b1$512446c0$240b5982@dynamic.cs.utwente.nl>

Thanks Harald,

I was quite happy with the `so far so good' part but I'm a bit confused
with your follow up...
(btw. please excuse if this turns out to be a "stupid question". I do
not really know all the tiny bits of XSD).

Here are the schemas that you've given:

>Schema 1: targetNamespace: ns1 
> element A (abstract=true) 
> element B (substitutionGroup="ns1:A") 
> element C (substitutionGroup="ns1:A") 
> element D () - sequence - element (ref="ns1:A") 

>Schema 2: targetNamespace: ns2 
> element E (substitutionGroup="ns1:A") 
> element F () - sequence - element (ref="ns1:A") 

>D translates into: 
> element D () - sequence - element - ref="ns1:B" 
>                                   - ref="ns1:C" 
>F translates into: 
> element F () - sequence - element - ref="ns1:B" 
>                                   - ref="ns1:C" 
>                                   - ref="ns2:E" 
>so far so good, but imagine the following instance: 
><ns1:root><ns1:D><ns2:F>... [ns2 is located by xsi:schemaLocation] 

Last row, gives an XML instance like this I guess:


If that is so, than I do not see why do you expect this to be a valid
document in respect to Schema 2.
If I'm not wrong, when you wrote Schema 2 you imported Schema 1, and
thus Schema 2 declares both 
ns2:F and ns1:D as shown below:

Both (ns2:F and ns1:D) - sequence - choice - ref="ns1:B" 
                                           - ref="ns1:C" 
                                           - ref="ns2:E" 

I do not see the schema declaration that allows ns2:F to be nested in
ns1:D like in the example?
What did I get wrong?


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