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Defining common wrapper elements across schemas

From: Justin Makeig <lists@makeig.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 00:43:43 -0800
Message-Id: <A57669FA-1B35-11D8-8E49-0003934F809C@makeig.com>
To: xmlschema-dev@w3.org

I'm having trouble writing a generic "wrapper" schema.

I've got a tool that consumes XML instances that need tool-specific 
metadata wrapped around a context-specific fragment defined in a user's 
schema. These schemas are designed outside of the tool and would thus 
know nothing about tool-specific metadata. For example,




In writing the schemas to validate these instances, my first 
inclination was to import all of the possible context schemas into the 
Content schema and declare the ContentType as such:

<xs:complexType name="ContentType">
		<xs:element ref="meta:Metadata"/>
			<xs:element ref="my:Stuff"/>
			<xs:element ref="other:Vocabularies"/>

This is rather inflexible and inefficient, though, requiring the 
Content schema to keep track of all of its possible child schemas.

A substitutionGroup in the Content schema won't work because none of 
the substituted elements (e.g. my:Stuff, other:Vocabularies) share a 
common base type.

Finally, I created another layer of abstraction by creating 
StuffContent and VocabulariesContent schemas that import the Content 
and context schemas and extend the ContentType:

<xs:element name="Content" type="myc:ContentType"/>
<xs:complexType name="ContentType">
		<xs:extension base="c:ContentType">
				<xs:element ref="std:Student"/>

However, this requires that the root content element be in the 
nonsensical myc namespace, rather than a more generic c namespace (as 
in the first code-snippet).

Is there another, simpler way to allow wrapper elements around elements 
from schemas that aren't known at design-time? (Does this question make 
any sense?).

Any help would be much appreciated.

- Justin Makeig

The Center for Document Engineering
University of California, Berkeley
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