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[announce] XMLSPY 5 Release 3 now available

From: Larry E. Kim <larry@altova.com>
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2003 13:56:38 -0500
Message-ID: <9C80CCD520150E48BCFA7716ABDEFED82C801B@teaparty.bos.altova.com>
To: <xmlschema-dev@w3.org>

[announce]Dear XML Schema-Dev,

A new version of XMLSPY is available for free trial download at:
http://www.altova.com/download - it includes XML Schema driven C# code
generation, support for Oracle XMLDB, a graphical XSL:FO designer, and a
WSDL documentation generator.

The following is a more detailed summary of the new features:
* XML Schema driven Code Generation for Microsoft C# - The XMLSPY 5 Code
Generator now supports Microsoft C# code generation to accelerate
application development on the Microsoft .NET platform. Use XMLSPY to
Model data elements in XML Schema, then XMLSPY can auto-generate C#
class (data bindings) corresponding to elements defined in the data
model. The generated code uses System.XML, the new Microsoft .NET
Application Program Interface (API) for programmatically accessing XML
documents. Output code can also be generated in Java or C++ programming

* Enhanced support for Oracle XML DB - XMLSPY 5 now includes numerous
new data editing and server administration features for Oracle XML DB,
the World's Most Scalable XML Database. XMLSPY's new features enable
developers to easily perform common operations on data managed by Oracle
XML DB including: List XML Schemas, Load a Schema from a list, Save New
or Delete XML Schema to Oracle XML DB, Register an XML Schema with
Oracle XML DB, Execute Query using Oracle9i's DBURI, Browse, Open, Edit
and Save XML documents stored in Oracle XML DB via WebDAV. The new
features make XMLSPY 5 powerful must-have utility for Oracle DBA's and
database developers.
* Additional Web Services Support - A new Web Service Description
Language (WSDL) Documentation generation utility makes it easier for a
Web service developer to document and publish a Web service's interface
to business partners, other developers, or to the public. Any WSDL file
can be easily annotated, then published into a Microsoft Word or HTML
output file.

* PDF support for Document Publishing - XMLSPY's stylesheet designer now
supports visual editing and generation of eXtensible Stylesheet Language
Formatting Object (XSL:FO) code, which enables XML content to be
rendered into a PDF file. Now, with a single stylesheet design,
developers can preview the output of a stylesheet transformation in
either  PDF or HTML.

* New Java Integration Support -  A new Java API enables easier
customization and integration of the XMLSPY development environment for
system integrators or Java-based product companies wanting to extend the
functionality of XMLSPY. Now, programmers can control and use XMLSPY
functionality from their Java-based programs. XMLSPY already supports
integration via a COM based interface.

Larry Kim
Altova, Inc.
Received on Saturday, 25 January 2003 14:08:53 UTC

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