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Re: Mixed content woes (

From: Henry S. Thompson <ht@cogsci.ed.ac.uk>
Date: 19 Nov 2002 15:05:55 +0000
To: "Francis Brouns" <francis.brouns@ou.nl>
Cc: <xmlschema-dev@w3.org>
Message-ID: <f5bheedioq4.fsf@erasmus.inf.ed.ac.uk>

As I suspected, your problem is a simple one: mixed='true' in W3C XML
Schema is much more powerful, while actually in a way being simpler,
than XML 1.0 mixed content.  And you're on the right track with your
question about minOccurs.

Adding mixed='true' to a complex type definition simply allows text
before, after and between the elements allowed and/or required by the
content model as written.  As written, your content model _requires_
one of a, b or c as a child of x.  Your instance doesn't have any of
those, and XSV's error message is calling attention to that.

To exactly reconstruct an XML 1.0 DTD mixed content element, you need
both minOccurs='0' and maxOccurs='unbounded' on your <xs:choice>.

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