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Re: <length> = a real number plus a unit qualification

From: <Bibhaker.Saran@txu.com.au>
Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 10:36:14 +1000
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I don't think you can define a simpleType for length as real plus a unit
qualification. Because,
Simple Type definitions provide for:
     Establishing the ·value space· and ·lexical space· of a datatype,
     through the combined set of ·constraining facet·s specified in the
     Attaching a unique name (actually a QName) to the ·value space· and ·
     lexical space·.
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I'm trying to create a simpleType definition for length, which is
defined as a real number plus a unit qualification. I've come up with
this, which I know is wrong.

   <simpleType name = "length_Type">
       <restriction base = "NMTOKEN">
           <pattern value = "[+-]?\d+\.?\d*[p|m|i|c|e][x|t|m|n]"/>

The unit qualification is one of px, pt, mm, in, cm, em  so I
constructed the above 2 part choice. The problem being it allows illegal
values such as ix. How do I create a list of atoms greater than one
character? [px|pt|mm|cm|in|em] is not right.


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