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Re: min/maxOccurs, can be expressed in a schema?

From: Ian Stuart <Ian.Stuart@ed.ac.uk>
Date: 06 Nov 2001 09:56:56 +0000
To: XML-Schema-dev <xmlschema-dev@w3.org>
Message-Id: <1005040616.12757.9.camel@lucas.ucs.ed.ac.uk>
On Mon, 2001-11-05 at 11:29, Joan Pujol wrote:

> One question, this type of restrictions can be done with schemas?
> Or must be done in a post-schema validation?
> For example if I declare two attributes named min and max, can I control that
> max<=min with a schema?
If you declare two variables - "Foo" and "Bar", then there is no reason
that you can declare "Foo" as a simpleType, which is an [integer], but
with a maxExclusive value of the value of "Bar"

If you want to confuse people, and imply that the maximum is less than
the minimum, just rename "Foo" and "Bar" to be "max" and "min"
repectively :)

Logically, it's do-able. Symantically, it causes problems.

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