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Re: Date

From: Kohsuke KAWAGUCHI <kohsukekawaguchi@yahoo.com>
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 14:44:43 -0700
To: ht@cogsci.ed.ac.uk (Henry S. Thompson), "Jeff Rafter" <jeffrafter@definedweb.com>, vdv@dyomedea.com, xmlschema-dev@w3.org
Message-Id: <20010709144042.DE1D.KOHSUKEKAWAGUCHI@yahoo.com>

> > This also has the interesting effect that two different times in
> > different timezones can be considered equal for purposes of
> > enumeration, as are the two floats above.
> So you think 12:00:00Z should correspond to a different point in the
> value space than 13:00:00Z+1?

More interesting example would be, 2001-01-01Z is considered equal to
2001-01-02+09:00. Another astonishing example is the year 2001 in Tokyo
is considered equal to the year 2000 in Utah, although the year 2001 in
Beijing is considered equal to the year 2001 in Tokyo.

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