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RE: Providing a value for attributes defined with use="required"

From: Gino Basso <GBasso@ware2.com>
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 09:33:54 -0500
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Another option, then, might be to derive a simple type whose only allowed
value is this particular 'version' string.

As to the question of whether there is an inconsistency between the primer
and the spec I'll defer to a more 'qualified' respondent (although there is
a sort of 'disclaimer' at the beginning of the primer about it being


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The attribute concerned is part of a versioning scheme. We require the
attribute to ensure the
sender warrants the version of the transaction being sent rather than
relying on the schema
providing one. The requirement for a single value is a cross check against
the namespace specified
which indirectly will imply a particular version of the transaction.

I had considered your option but want the generator of the transaction to
explicitly indicate their intention.

I was using the 3.5 beta to do the testing.

My question was as much about the inconsistency between the primer and the
spec as it was about my
particular requirements.



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Mike Leditschke wrote:

> I wish to have an attribute which is both required and has a specific

> According to the primer section 2.2, table 1, second row, I should
this as

> <attribute name="foo" type="string" use="required" value="r2"/>

To me the two contraints are contradictory (requiring the attribute and
allowing a fixed value). You might consider the following instead:

    <attribute name="foo" type="string" use="fixed" value="r2" />

Although the appearance of a 'foo' attribute is optional, it's value must
'r2' if it does appear. Further, if it does not appear a schema processor
will create a 'foo' attribute with this value. This would seem to
what you want.

BTW, were you using the new beta version (3.5) of XMLSpy to validate your
schema? I wonder to what extent they have implemented the spec?

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