XML-binary Optimized Packaging

W3C Working Draft 09 February 2004

Members of the working group,

In the fifth paragraph of the XOP working draft (http://www.w3.org/TR/2004/WD-xop10-20040209/) I think you have a minor typo:

XOP is designed to carry sufficient information to reconstruct with full fidelity the supplied Data Model, including the return value of the dm:string-value accessor for each Node in the Data Model, except that the type property and the return value of the dm:typed-value accessor are generally not preserved. The type of base64Binary Element Bodes that were optimized is in fact conveyed, but the type of other Element Nodes as well as the type of Attribute Nodes is in general not preserved.

In the last sentence I think that the Bodes reference could either have been a mistyped Bodies or Nodes.  But it leads me to a perfect word for some research I have been involved in with XML message types in the DOD.  As I use it, Bode is a binary node hung in an XML tree that represents a reference to a payload digest element.  I think that you will want to modify the online document but your word is perfect for covering a concept I had come up with for dynamic message compression.  I guess this is a case of thanks for the error!

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