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LUCKY strike for your business ! Offshore investing !

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Date: Sun Oct 22 13:59:52 2000
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Tired of having your hopes and dreams dashed by programs 
that over-promise and under-deliver? Tired of losing your 
hard-earned money? Wish someone would step forward and 
have the guts to prove themselves to you? Let me intoduce you

Premier Club Limited (since 1992)

How are they different? 

They are willing to go where no other program has gone before. 

1. They offer a RISK-FREE opportunity. If you are not totally satisfied, 
or simply want a refund for whatever reason, Premier Club will gladly return 
EVERY penny to you. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

2. They are so sure you are going to love our program, that they have set 
NO MINIMUM DEPOSIT. Start with just $1 if you like and let Premier Club prove 
itself to you. They are convinced that once they have, you will add to 
your original deposit. 

3. Because of thier cooperation with the Bank they GUARANTEE 
a minimum return of 17%-24% in 30 days and then every month 
after that for a year. 

4. Their 27 highly skilled Professional Investors invest the funds in 
REAL MARKETS, such as Wall Street and Forex. 

5. UNIQUE AND SPECIAL BONUS: Once you have been a member 
of Premier Club for 6 months, they will send their stock picks to you so you can 
do your own investing, if you choose! Their returns average 34%-50% 
per month, of which ? is paid to members. 

6. Upon request Premier CLub will open an OFFSHORE ACCOUNT for you, where 
your returns can be placed each month. 

Isn't it time to get serious about your financial future?

Joining many happy investors, is just a click away…


I look forward to seeing you there!
[this is a private e-mail send directly to you. Spamers are parasites, so if you choose not to 
receive great deals send me a REMOVE message, but remember that you'll loose a lot! Please use my 
ref id when signing up: CHx5100
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