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RE: xml-namespaces

From: Richards, Frank (RTIS) <frank.richards@reedtech.com>
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 08:40:29 -0400
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The objection does indeed pertain to namespace awareness: Even though an xml
1.0 parser will accept <edi:address> and <publish:address> as perfectly
acceptable element names, it will not be able to resolve the references to
say /dtds/edi.ent and /dtds/publish.ent, and if it could, it couldn't deal
with the actual declarations being <!ELEMENT address, in both cases.

We don't see how an xml 1.0 parser can do this without being modified, and
thus becoming an xml 1.0' parser.

Frank Richards

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> Richards, Lisa (RTIS) wrote:
> > It appears that a document containing qualified names is unlikely to be
> > valid in terms of the unmodified 1.0 spec, so the namespace spec must
> > provide its own interpretation of any such document.
> This is not correct.  XML namespaces do not change what valid means. 
> "Valid" continues to mean exactly what it means in XML 1.0.  As far as
> DTD processing is concerned a colon has no special meaning.
> Future work on schemas will provide namespace awareness.
> James
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