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Notice of Found Relevant Patents

From: Jay Wack <jayw@tecsec.com>
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 10:44:49 -0400
Message-ID: <A6D759F7B69AD611AFD000B0D022A9296A93E7@>
To: "'xml-encryption@w3.org'" <xml-encryption@w3.org>

Dear Sir:

This letter sets forth Tecsec's patent licensing policy regarding any W3C
Standard.  Tecsec, in accordance with RFC 2026 and its own general licensing
policy, is prepared to license its IPR on reasonable, non-exclusive,
non-discriminatory terms and conditions.

In particular, Tecsec is willing to negotiate nonexclusive, worldwide
licenses under its IPR to allow the manufacture, use, sale, offer for sale
and importation of the portions of any product that implement and are
compliant with all relevant portions of the standard; provided that these
licenses may not extend to any part or function of a product that is not
required to implement or comply with the standard.

In given circumstances, Tecsec's license grant may be conditioned upon the
licensee's grant of a reciprocal license under the licensee's IPR and IPR
owned by parties with which licensee is affiliated.  In assessing reasonable
royalty rates, Tecsec may refer to the royalty rates that a potential
licensee has set for its own IPR and IPR of parties with which it may be
affiliated.  Tecsec also reserves the right to grant licenses to its IPR as
part of a cross-license with any other party.

With respect to XML encryption and signature, we refer you to the following
U.S. patents, which are of particular interest:

Patent Name	Patent Number	Issue Date
Distributed cryptographic object method	5,369,702 	11/29/1994
		5,680,452	10/21/1997
		5,717,755	02/10/1998
		5,898,781	04/27/1999
XML encryption scheme	6,694,433	02/17/2004


Jay Wack
Tecsec, Inc
1953 Gallows Road
Vienna, Virginia 22182 3934
703 744 8447 direct 
703 744 8400 main
703 506 1484 fax
301 758 6344 cell

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