I am requesting to change the Technical Contact person listed
within Company Name Secure Server Digital ID request submitted
to VeriSign, Inc. I am authorized to change the Technical
Contact, assume the role of the Technical Contact, and approve
a Secure Server Digital ID request on Company Name. I understand
that Secure Server Digital IDs are used to authenticate and
validate businesses on the web that wish to enable secure
communications with their customers. I am aware that VeriSign
provides additional information on Secure Server Digital IDs at
The old and new Technical Contact
information is listed below.

Common Name: ___________________________

New Technical Contact Information

Full Name: ___________________________
Company: ___________________________
Full Title: ___________________________
Email Address: ___________________________
Phone Number: ___________________________

Old Technical Contact Information

Full Name: ___________________________
Company: ___________________________
Full Title: ___________________________
Email Address: ___________________________
Phone Number: ___________________________

I am requesting VeriSign, Inc. to make these changes immediately.
Once VeriSign makes this change, I will assume the role and
responsibility of the new Technical Contact.



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Change Contact

Who Should be Listed as a Technical Contact?
Technical Contacts are those people responsible for the correct operation of a device connected to the network, and are expected to have some technical knowledge of how to properly configure the device. In most cases, they are the people OIT will contact when there is some problem involving the device.

You should also be sure to list as a Technical Contacts anyone who may need to change (or delete) the entry in the Host Database. That's because requests to change (or delete) an existing entry in the Host Database are only honored if they come from a small set of people, including those already listed as a Technical Contact in that Host Database entry.

For a device that is neither a Dormnet subscription, nor an office device billed to a student's ID Number (student billing), you should include among the Technical Contacts at least one email address that is not a student's personal email address. Although students' email addresses may be specified as among the Technical Contacts, at least one of the Technical Contacts specified should be an email address that is not a student's email address. (I.e. specify at least one email address of a staff or faculty member, or of an organizational account. This is to ensure that for office devices associated with a department, an organization, or a staff or faculty member, there is at least one Technical Contact address that will reach someone year-round and regardless of student graduation, etc. This is particularly important with regard to students registering devices on behalf of a professor, or on behalf of a student organization or eating club.


What's the Syntax for a Technical Contact?
Each Technical Contact is specified in the form of an electronic mail address: user@domain, where both the username and the domain name must be specified. For example: jdoe@princeton.edu.