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xml node text encryption

From: senthilvel <senthilvel@mail.questech.co.in>
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 14:13:56 +0800
To: xml-encryption@w3.org
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hi all 

i do need an idea on how to encrypt my xml file.
welll, i do have an xml file like the one below:

 <?xml version =  "1.0" ?>
      <A101> select * from employee</A101>
        <A102> select * from insurancemaster  </A102>
       <A103> select * from tablemaster</A103>

 my problem:
 well, this xml file is created in the design time itself,i just read the
 node- texts and process the data .
 but any one can open and see this xml file. so how can i encrypt this xml
 file in to another format so that only my application can read the file.

 other queries:
 1) is xml encryption used only for credit-card details??? or it can be just
 like  that used for any kind of node-text ????
 2) what are the critical places where xml-encryption is used???

 it would be kind of yu if yu can help me in this regard.

 Senthil Vel.M

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