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Demonstrator sXML available

From: Fikkert, Dick W. <Fikkert@fel.tno.nl>
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 10:24:11 -0800
Message-ID: <39FC6B4B.683B0013@fel.tno.nl>
To: xml-encryption@w3.org
In a previous mail to W3C XML encryption list, I mentioned that we
have 2 demonstrators available of what we named sXML. One of the
is now accessible on the web. Please bear in mind that the

- Uses a very simple encryption syntax, it is just to demonstrate the
  power of sXML
- Uses an ultra simple syntax for checking the signature
- Only runs in IE 5.1+ (it uses XSL-T)
- Uses a real encryption algorithm, that is: real in 60 B.C., with an
  embedded key
- Does not address key management
- Shows the power of a concept that we named 
  'Information Bound Security' (IBS) , see

- That IBS concept is best demonstrated in IE 5.1+ by either 
  'View Source' or 'File Send Page by e-mail' to yourself, 
  while having all information visible (that is 'role 3'& 'signed'). 
  Look at the source, or open the attachment when received,  
  and the 'role 2' protection is still available.
  Also note that roles are not hierarchical (role 3, then role 2)
- Was made possible thanks to all that participated to develop sXML
  ideas at TNO: Peter, Rajesh, Amit, Thijs, Elgeline and Paul
- Is located at 
http://www.tno.nl/instit/fel/div5/normal.xml  (only IE 5.1+)

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