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Re: [xml-dev] The version number in XML documents

From: John Cowan <jcowan@reutershealth.com>
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 21:36:16 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <200207210148.VAA28565@mail2.reutershealth.com>
To: michael.h.kay@ntlworld.com
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Michael Kay scripsit:

> You mean you want to abuse the errata process to make a retrospective
> change to the spec that is not actually an erratum.

Do you have a definition of "erratum"?  We do not make errata that involve
changes to the definition of well-formedness.  This one is marginal
because <?xml version="bluberry"?> is allowed to generate a fatal error
as if it were well-formed.

> They are already allowed to reject a document claiming version="1.1", as
> you have just said. They are also allowed to process it, and accept it
> provided it conforms in all other respects to XML 1.0. Since (one hopes)
> the vast majority of documents that are well-formed under XML 1.1 will
> also be well-formed under XML 1.0, why are you trying to make a
> retrospective change that forces XML 1.0 parsers to reject such
> documents?

Primarily to avoid the complications of differential processing of
documents.  XML 1.1 parsers are encouraged to accept XML 1.0 documents
properly marked as such (either by a version="1.0" or by the absence
of a version), but that is a QOI issue, of course.

> It means that instead of having two kinds of parser out there, those
> that conform to XML 1.0 and those that conform to XML 1.1, we'll have
> three sorts, those two plus parsers that conformed to XML 1.0 at the
> time they were released but don't conform to XML 1.0 as retrospectively
> amended. Is this really an improvement?

This is true whenever there are errata.

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