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"Don't Worry Be NAPPY!" - For Immediate Release

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To: publishers, editors, columnists, reviewers, 
interviewers, and others who want to help everyone 
understand the popularity of dreadlocks and how to 
grow them

3729 Almazan Street
Dallas, Texas 75220

Contact: Jeffery Bradley
email: jbdreads@swbell.net


New book features tips and ideas on growing 
dreadlocks and living a successful life.

Dallas, TX -- Dreadlocks are "HOT", in style, and 
everyone from teenagers to business professionals  
wants to know how to get them.  The movie industry, 
advertisers, and print media in particular have 
seemed to embraced this new hair phenomenon.  

Everyday in nearly every city, you can see actors 
and models with dreadlocks on billboards, 
television commercials, sitcoms, movies, and 
magazine advertisements.

Famous celebrities like Busta Rhymes, Lauryn Hill, 
Bobby McFerrin, boxer Lennox Lewis, pro basketball 
player Brian Grant, football pro Edgerrin James, 
and Pulitzer prize winner Tony Morrison are all 
wearing dreadlocks that symbolizes freedom, 
success, and self expression.

These celebrities, along with thousands of others 
with dreadlocks, are setting positive examples 
that prove that one can grow dreadlocks and still
become extremely successful.  They are inspiring 
young and old to grow dreadlocks and create their 
identity and not what society dictates.  

Though society's views about dreadlocks are 
changing, it still can be hard to think that one 
could really grow dreadlocks and still accomplish 
their goals.  But by following a few simple tips, 
anyone can grow dreadlocks with pride while 
improving their life.  In most cases, there's no 
need to change jobs, move to another part of the 
world, or become a recording artist.  

A new book called "Don't Worry, Be NAPPY!" provides 
information, techniques, and ideas that will help 
anyone grow dreadlocks, care for them, and life a 
successful life with dreadlocks.  It also covers 
tips and ideas on how to stay motivated and how to 
deal with adversitities associated with growing 

Have you ever wanted to grow dreadlocks and just 
didn't know where to begin? Do you wonder if you 
have to let your hair get so dirty that it will 
turn into dreadlocks? What is beeswax and how does 
it help make dreadlocks? What types of problems 
will I encounter with dreadlocks on the job or with 
society? Can I find a job with dreadlocks? How do 
I handle people at work if I grow dreadlocks?

If any of these questions have stopped you from 
locking then "Don't Worry, Be NAPPY! How To Grow 
Dreadlocks In America and Still Get Everything You 
Want" is definitely for you.The author, Jeffery 
Bradley, offers tips and ideas on how to prepare 
yourself to grow your own unique dreadlocks. He's 
been growing dreadlocks and working corporate jobs 
for 10 years. He knows his stuff.

Asked what he hopes to accomplish through his 
personal account of life with dreadlocks, Mr. 
Bradley said, "Everyday I get a lot of people 
asking me how to grow dreadlocks, or how did I get 
a corporate job with dreadlocks. I also get a lot 
of crazy questions like do I wash them or how long 
does it take to let them down. The bottom line is 
dreadlocks are as natural as the finger on your 
hand. Growing dreadlocks can be a spiritual or 
self-damaging experience. It all depends on your 
mindset and preparation. This book is about loving 
yourself, your culture, and defining your own 
existence in America while still getting everything 
you want out of life."

What you'll learn:

What Exactly Are Dreadlocks
Where Did They Come From
The Different Styles of Dreadlocks
How To Grow and Take Care Of Your Dreadlocks
Preparing Yourself For A Life Of Dreadlocks
Staying Positive And Motivated
Dreadlocks Visualization and Meditation
The Cultural Connection To Dreadlocks
Living With Dreads In America
Dreads and Finances
The Author's Personal Experiences With Society
Resources on the Internet
From the Publisher

Mr. Bradley's book is "a warm and human portrayal 
of the joys and expected problems that crop up when 
someone decides to grow dreadlocks. Mr. Bradley has 
done a fine job of telling us what it is like to 
walk out into the world everyday with dreadlocks.   
what's good about it and what's bad 

Everything from positive motivation to handling 
finances for the future dreadlocked individual is 
covered in his new book.

About the Author

Jeffery Bradley is a native of Madison, Arkansas. 
He has written articles for local newspapers and 
magazines. During the life of his dreadlocks, he 
has worked at three major corporations as the 
manager of information systems, wrote, published, 
and distributed a local a parenting magazine and 
newsletter, co-authored a book of children plays, 
and is currently working on a new line of positive 
cultural software.  Mr. Bradley is a single father 
of three children. He lives and work in Dallas, 
Texas.  Most of his works can be seen at website 
http://www.netnia.com, also created by the author.

Excerpted from Don't Worry, Be NAPPY! : How To Grow 
Dreadlocks In America And Still Get Everything You 
Want by Jeffery Bradley.
Copyright (c) 2000. Reprinted by permission. All 
rights reserved

Excerpt for the first chapter - "What Are 

Just Gotta Touch Them! -

I was standing in the checkout line at a local 
grocery store when all of a sudden I felt someone 
touching my dreadlocks. I turned slightly to see a 
woman with a hand full of my dreadlocks. She was 
staring and admiring them like a jeweler appraising 
a precious gem.It was apparent that she could not 
resist the urge to touch them, as she did so 
without asking me. 

I took a step back to release them from her hands 
because I am very leery about strangers touching 
my dreadlocks. Only God knows where her hand had 
been before. Like deja vu, I had been here before. 
We started a conversation about my hair that I 
had many times before.

"Is all of that your real hair?" She asked.
"Yes it is," I responded.
"Who did it for you?"
"No one, its all natural. They are called 
"No its not, your hair cant do that. Can it?"
"Yes it can. All hair can do this if you leave it 
alone and stop combing it or putting chemicals in 
your hair."
"How long have you been growing them?"
"About eight years."
"Can you take it down?"
"No, you'd have to cut it all off to get rid of 
"How do you wash it?"
"The same way you do, rinse, shampoo, and repeat."
"Can white people grow dreadlocks?"
"Yes, some of my best friends are white with 
"Well, its beautiful." "You look like Bob Marley."
"Thank you."

Dreadlocks are mysterious. They evoke stares and 
unwanted advances, particular in my case, the hands 
of touching women. Don't get me wrong; I'm always 
open to a woman's touch. I just have to know her 
first. What is ironic, is if I, a black person with 
dreadlocks, walked up to a woman and touched any 
part of her, she'd probably scream rape or beat me 
with a bag or something.

Most people believe that hair is something bad on 
your head that needs the help of chemicals to make 
it right. Contrary to what most believe, dreadlocks 
are not a bad result of not taking care of your 
hair. If given the chance to develop, they can be 
quite beautiful. In a quick fix world, most people 
do not have the patience or strength to let them 
grow. It simply does not take much energy to grow 
dreadlocks -- just leave the hair free of 
chemicals, combs, and brushes; and the dreadlocks 
will come.

Reader's Comments

"If you want to grow dreadlocks but don't know 
where to begin, then BUY THIS BOOK!" 
Emmanuel Gillispie, Owner of Reciprocity Poetry and 
Cultural Center

Mr. Bradley has captured the essence of growing 
dreadlocks and what it takes to keep them for life!
Nambi, Recording Artist and Backup Singer to Major 

I thought about growing dreadlocks for years, this 
book has given me the encouragement to go ahead and 
create my crown!
Suni Baker, Executive Secretary for Medical 

How To Get The Book

The book can be ordered for $14.95 from NetNia 
Communications, 3729 Almazan Street, Dallas, Texas 
75220. For more information 
visit the website at http://www.netnia.com/nappy or 
send email to jbdreads@swbell.net . 
125 pages/paper/$14.95
ISBN: 1-884163-01-7
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