Expo 2000 Hannover

Rates for private accommodation provided by Edward

Private rooms in the city. Excellent city location (good bus/tram connections to the Expo 2000 Hannover exhibition center)

Rates and conditions:
· Rooms
Single room: DM 140,00 per night
Double room: DM 220,00 per night
Triple room: DM 280,00 per night
· Apartment-rooms
Apartment-Single room: DM 160,00 per night
Apartment-Double room: DM 240,00 per night
Apartment-Triple room: DM 300,00 per night

What you can rent!

· Rooms
You rent a single or two or three bedroom apartment in a private apartment or house. The lodgers are also living there during your stay
· Apartment-rooms
You rent a single or two or three bed apartment-rooms. With this choice, you can rent a complete apartment, it means that the lodgers move out during your stay so that you live in the apartment on your own or you are living with other Exibition visitors
How do you rent a housing space?
· First, you send us an inquiry without obligation for some housing space in Hannover (arrival and departure date, single or double room or apartment, how many person?)
· Next we will send you an offer without obligation
· You decided what would you like to book and let us know
· We send you contract (booking form), which you send us back with your signature per fax
· After receiving the completed form, We will send you a written confirmation of your reservation, and all the information you'll need upon your arrival
· Naturally, you can contact us any time
Your arrival and Stay
· You will find your housing without any problems with all the information that you will receive prior to your arrival
· The lodger of your housing space will receive you and show you the room or apartment
· You can arrange your exeptions about cleaning the rooms, changing the bed linen or eating with the lodgers
Terms and conditions of booking;
To make a reservation you have to:
1. fill out the enclosed booking form and send it per fax 0049 511 3908487
2. We will send you confirmation
3. Make a payment (the full payment) by Mrzyglocki Edward at day of confirmation.(for legality purposes this applies only to non-german-visitors)
4. Your reservation will be guaranteed after the payment has been received
Mr Mrzyglocki is entitled for payment in the full amount regardless if the reserved rooms have or have not been used (for that duration). Cancellation of a reservation is impossible due to the very short notice periods prior and during the exhibition

Best regards


Please contact us only by Fax: 0049 511 3908487
or Tel
Tel.0049 511 666710
Tel.0049 172 6730588
Tel.0049 172 4949996