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Re: I18N issues with the XML Specification

From: MURATA Makoto <muraw3c@attglobal.net>
Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2000 11:13:37 +0900
Message-Id: <200004060213.AA02208@t3knz.attglobal.net>
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In message "Re: I18N issues with the XML Specification",
Tim Bray wrote...
 >I disagree.  I think that unless you're working in the type of highly
 >constrained environment I describe above, it is rather irresponsible to
 >create an XML document in UTF-16 without a BOM; the cost is very low
 >and the interoperability benefits quite substantial.  XML's design
 >is totally oriented to successful interoperation in heterogeneous
 >environments.  Thus, data formats that forbid the use of proven
 >low-cost interoperability aids simply should not be considered for use 
 >by responsible creators of XML, and we should not do anything in our
 >specs to encourage such behavior. -Tim

I am also against the omission of the BOM in XML.  Microsoft mandates 
the BOM.  Most text editors I know mandate the BOM.  I do not see any 
reasons to allow BOM-less XML in  UTF-16.


MURATA Makoto  muraw3c@attglobal.net
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