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not just ANY error

Date: Fri, 21 May 99 17:04:45 EDT
Message-Id: <199905212105.RAA16668@www10.w3.org>
To: XML Editors <xml-editor@w3.org>
cc: Richard Goerwitz <Richard_Goerwitz@Brown.edu>
I can not find any semantics for the terminal "ANY" as used in
production 46 "contentspec". I presume it means the same as in ISO
    ANY means the content model is an optional and repeatable or
    group whose members are "#PCDATA" and all of the GIs
    specified as element types in the same document type
        -- Goldfarb, p. 411
(Of course, this can be simplified in XML because an optional and
repeatable or group with #PCDATA and some number of GIs is exactly
what "Mixed" (production 51) means.)

Since the percent sign is not allowed in an entity declaration, it
would be nice if &percent; were one of the magic entities that XML
processors must recognize whether declared or not. I realize that it
isn't the same level of requirement as the others (which are needed
to escape markup that cannot appear in content, whereas percent sign
is only prohibited in a certain context in the DTD -- and it is
reasonable to assume that if you go to the trouble of learning how to
write a DTD it's no big deal to learn to use &#x0025; or whatever),
but nonetheless I think it's a good idea. (Of course, I'd also like
to see &equals;, and perhaps even &lsqb; and &rsqb; as magic entities,
too. :-)
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