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Re: Syntactic ambiguity in XML spec

From: Paul Abrahams <abrahams@acm.org>
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 98 19:11:22 -0400
Message-Id: <9807222311.AA0277@valinet.com>
To: tbray@textuality.com
Cc: abrahams@acm.org, xml-editor@w3.org, abrahams@acm.org

At 06:16 PM 7/22/98 -0400, Paul Abrahams wrote:
>I've noticed a syntactic ambiguity in productions 49/50 that could be
>troublesome for parsers even though it has an obvious interpretation.
>If "children" has the form "(Name)", i.e., it's a singleton, then it can
>be interpreted either as a choice or as a seq.  One cure would be to
>replace the *s in P49/P50 by +s and to add a production P50A:
>  singleton ::= '(' S? cp ')'

Tim> OK, but why?  When there's only one, the semantics are the same.

I believe that standard parsers have trouble with ambiguous grammars,
and this one is ambiguous.  But as you say, the semantics are
unambiguous even if the syntax is ambiguous.
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