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Using XML Name Value Pairs in Web Services

From: Brendan Laing <Brendan.Laing@hcl-axon.com>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2009 14:06:34 +0000
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I'm looking for some advice. What are the drawbacks of implementing a
generic XSD for web services by using Name/Value Pairs as described









  <ExternalReference /> 





  <Value GroupID="" Name="JobTypeID">BULW</Value> 

  <Value GroupID="" Name="JobSubTypeID">TAIL</Value> 

  <Value GroupID="1" Name="BulkyCode">SOF</Value> 

  <Value GroupID="1" Name="Quantity">1</Value> 





If we implemented these name/value pairs as full XSD schemas than we
would have 30-40 different schemas. By using Name/Value pairs we can
have one single generic schema. Intuitively this feels like misuse of
XML standards and the purpose of using XSD's and WSDL's but I have no
hard argument with our technical team since it is still XML. I would
like to be 100% certain that this will not create issues for support or
interoperability at some point in the future. 


Do you any experience implement this approach and later regretted it?




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