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Re: FYI: comments on XOP and MTOM

From: <noah_mendelsohn@us.ibm.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 18:49:12 -0500
To: Mark Nottingham <mark.nottingham@bea.com>
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I confess I don't quite get the concern on MTOM, since all we're doing in 
MTOM is sending XOP through SOAP I think.   Could it be that our wordy 
preamble (which mostly I wrote) is confusing people into thinking MTOM is 
something different than what the spec says?

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Mark Nottingham <mark.nottingham@bea.com>
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        Subject:        FYI: comments on XOP and MTOM

On http://www.cafeconleche.org/ (doesn't seem to be any reliable way to 

Regarding XOP:

"Fortunately, this does not seem to be a generic binary encoding of 
XML, just a more efficient means of bundling non-XML binary data with 
XML documents."

Regarding MTOM:

"I find the string typing implicit in this model to be seriously 
broken. It loses information (i.e. it's a lossy compression format) and 
makes too many assumptions about what content is and is not relevant."

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