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Release plan of Apache Axis C++ version 1.0

From: Susantha Kumara <susantha@opensource.lk>
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 05:35:08 -0400 (EDT)
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Hi all,

We are happy to announce our plan to release Apache Axis C++ implementation.

I have volunteered to be the release manager for Apache Axis C++ initial release.

Following is the release plan.

This is the release plan for Axis/C++ version 1.0. The 
goal of Axis/C++ version 1.0 is to provide a stable platform 
for developing Web services using C++ as well as to use Web
services in C++ client applications. 
Major features of Axis/C++ include:  
    - SOAP engine with both client and server support
    - Partial support for both SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2
    - WSDD based deployment with dynamic deployment tools. 
    - Support for all basic types, Complex types and Arrays
    - WSDL2WS tool for building following C/C++ components
        Server side - Skeletons and Wrappers
        Client side - Stubs
    - WSDL2WS tool that generates wrappers, which perform 
      the following functions. These wrappers act as RPC Providers. 
        Method invocation
    - WSDLs hosted statistically in the server.
    - Standalone server (with HTTP support) 
    - Web server modules for Apache HTTPD 1.3 (Linux/Windows)
    - Web interface to the deployed services and their WSDLs.
    - Sample web services and client applications.
    - Supportive documentation for developers and users.

The following dates are proposed:
    Code freeze                          October 21, 2003
    Release alpha version            October 23, 2003
    Release beta version             October 30, 2003
    Release 1.0                           November 6, 2003

Once release freeze is achieved, inclusion of fixes into the release 
requires consensus of active Axis committers.  Deferring of a fix 
requires simple majority.

Fixes are to continue to be made on the "HEAD" of the release.  Once 
there is consensus that a particular fix is to be included in the 
release, I'll merge it into the branch.  In order to make this as smooth 
and as painless a process as possible for the release manager, I'll ask 
that committers show restraint in committing unrelated fixes to the HEAD 
during this time in areas of the code that might interfere with the 
merge process.

Release Criteria:
    - All Axis/C++ functional tests pass.
    - All critical bugs are fixed
    - Basic interop tests pass
    - Confirmation that the released version works on Apache HTTP
      1.3* on Win32 and Linux

Release Manager:
    Susantha Kumara, susantha@opensource.lk

Release Announcements:


Susantha (on behalf of Axis C++ team)
Received on Wednesday, 15 October 2003 07:43:18 UTC

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