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Re: Processing Instructions and SOAP

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Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 18:55:31 -0400
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There is a subtle layering here.  The SOAP envelope is an abstract Infoset 
should not have PI's.  A protocol binding can move the that envelope using 
whatever wire representation it desires.  In the case of the primer, the 
notational conventions say [1]:

"Throughout this primer, sample SOAP envelopes and messages are shown as 
XML 1.0 documents. Part 1 explains that SOAP messages are formally 
specified as XML Infosets [ 12], which is an abstract description of their 
contents. The distinction between the SOAP XML Infosets and the 
corresponding XML documents is unlikely to be of interest to those using 
this primer as an introduction to SOAP; those who do care (typically those 
who port SOAP to new protocol bindings where the messages may have 
alternative representations) should understand these examples as referring 
to the corresponding XML Infosets. Further elaboration of this point is 
provided in Section 3 of this document."

The <?xml version='1.0' ?> is part of that serialization into XML 1.0 
documents, it is not part of the Envelope infoset. 


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In the current Working Draft of SOAP 1.2, Section 3, "Relation to XML" it 

"A SOAP message SHOULD NOT contain processing instruction information 
A SOAP receiver MUST ignore processing instruction information items in 
messages it receives."

However, in the SOAP 1.2 Primer many of the examples start with:
<?xml version='1.0' ?>

The above is by definition a processing instruction per XML 1.0, "2.6
Processing Instructions",

Granted, the Primer is not normative, but why was this added to examples 
the first place?  Is it in anticipation of allowing XML Declarations of 
  XMLDecl ::= '<?xml' VersionInfo EncodingDecl? SDDecl? S? '?>' 

in the Recommended draft of SOAP 1.2?

Kevin Johnsrude
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