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RE: Issue 36: Clarify nature of conformance

From: Henrik Frystyk Nielsen <henrikn@microsoft.com>
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 21:25:22 -0700
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>"A SOAP 1.2 implementation that passes all of the tests 
>specified in this document may claim to conform to the SOAP 
>1.2 Test Suite (insert version number).
>Even though the purpose of the SOAP 1.2 Test Suite is to 
>facilitate the creation of interoperable implementations, 
>conformance to the SOAP 1.2 Test Suite does not imply 
>conformance to the SOAP 1.2 specification; there are mandatory 
>requirements of the specification that are not tested by the 
>suite (as a simple example, that every legal value of a role 
>name is accepted, and all illegal ones rejected). 
>An implementation may be said to be SOAP 1.2 conformant if and 
>only if all messages it sends, and all processing it does, are 
>correct with respect to the normative requirements of  {ref to 
>framework and adjuncts}.  NOTE: this definition admits special 
>purpose implementations, such as those in dedicated 
>controllers, which may send and receive only a very limited 
>suite of messages; the requirement is that whatever is done be 
>done correctly.
>Likewise, for the reason noted above, conformance to the SOAP 1.2 
>specification does not imply conformance to the SOAP 1.2 Test 
>Suite. An implementation may conform to the SOAP 1.2 
>specification even if it does not support all capabilities 
>tested by the SOAP 1.2 Test Suite."
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