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Re: Comments on SOAP 1.2 part 2

From: John Ibbotson <john_ibbotson@uk.ibm.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2002 08:25:03 +0100
To: "Martin Gudgin" <marting@develop.com>
Cc: xml-dist-app@w3.org
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Comments inline:

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From: "John Ibbotson" <john_ibbotson@uk.ibm.com>
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Subject: Comments on SOAP 1.2 part 2

> Here are some comments related to part 2 of the specification. I have
> the Editor's copy dated Mar 23 2002.
> Abstract
> There is no mention of features, transport binding framework or the HTTP
> binding so for simplicity remove the final sentence.

Or add text about features, transport binding framework and HTTP binding?
Not done yet.

<jbi>Either is OK by me</jbi>

> Introduction
> In bullet 4 there is no mention of sections 5 and 6 for the binding
> framework.
> Suggest new bullet 4:
> The SOAP Protocol Binding Framework (see 5 A Convention for Describing
> Features and Bindings and 6 Message Exchange Patterns) defines a way of
> describing SOAP bindings to underlying transport protocols.
> New bullet 5:
> The SOAP HTTP Binding defines a binding of SOAP to HTTP [2] following the
> rules of the SOAP Protocol Binding Framwork (see 7 SOAP HTTP Binding).


> Section 2 The SOAP Data Model
> First sentence:
> "The SOAP Data Model represents information ....."
> No mention of what type of information the data model represents.
> "The SOAP Data Model represents instance information ....."

Replaced 'information' with 'application-defined data' for consistency with
Section 1

<jbi>Good choice !!</jbi>

> Section 2.1 Graph Edges
> Problem here in mixing the use of the word node. This section uses it in
> the graph theoretic sense, the last sentence of section 2 uses it as a
> Node !! Is there another word the mathematicians use to identify a graph
> "node" ? Not sure there is.

Section modified to always use 'graph node' as opposed to 'node'

> Section 2.3 Values
> Bullet 1:
> Rewrite as "A non-terminal is known as "generic" if the labels of its
> outbound edges are not unique ......."

Not sure I agree. We currently say

    'A non-terminal is known as a "generic" if the labels of its outbound
    edges need not be unique (i.e. if duplication of edge labels is

This allows people to treat things as generics ( and access by name or
position ) even if all edge labels are unique. Your amendment would rule
this out, I'm not sure we want to do that although I'm open to argument.

<jbi>Comment is grammatical rather than content based.
The sentence did not read clearly</jbi>

> Bullet 2:
> Rewrite as "A non-terminal whose outbound edges are distinguished solely
> their labels is known as a "struct"."


> Section 3.1.3 Encoding compund values
> Typo space missing "..... an array node MAY have ....."


> Section Constraints on id and ref attribute information items
> We constrain the value of a ref attribute to be the value of exactly one
> attribute. Does the converse apply ? That we cannot have ids without a
> matching ref ?

Can't see any reason to enforce that.

<jbi>OK, just checking to see if the converse codition should apply</jbi>
> Apologies for missing the Friday deadline,

No worries, thanks for the feedback


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