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Re: SOAP intermediary - issue 70 (cont'd)

From: <Noah_Mendelsohn@lotus.com>
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 11:05:58 -0400
To: Christopher Ferris <chris.ferris@sun.com>
Cc: xml-dist-app@w3.org
Message-ID: <OF29A21DC6.ED1D8A31-ON85256AE6.00537376@lotus.com>
Chris Ferris suggests:

"A SOAP intermediary is a SOAP receiver, target-able from with a SOAP
message, that is neither the intial SOAP sender nor the ultimate
receiver of that message. It processes a SOAP message according to the 
processing model. A consequence of processing is that the SOAP message
is forwarded further along the SOAP message path to the next SOAP node."

Mostly, I like it, but I have a quibble with the word "forwarded".  The 
text in the SOAP 1.2 WD uses the term "relayed" [1]:

"If the SOAP node is a SOAP intermediary, the SOAP message pattern and 
results of processing (e.g. no fault generated) MAY require that the SOAP 
message be sent further along the SOAP message path. Such relayed SOAP 
messages MUST contain all SOAP header blocks and the SOAP body blocks from 
the original SOAP message, in the original order, except that SOAP header 
blocks targeted at the SOAP intermediary MUST be removed (such SOAP blocks 
are removed regardless of whether they were processed or ignored). 
Additional SOAP header blocks MAY be inserted at any point in the SOAP 
message, and such inserted SOAP header blocks MAY be indistinguishable 
from one or more just removed (effectively leaving them in place, but 
emphasizing the need to reinterpret at each SOAP node along the SOAP 
message path.)"

I have a very slight preference for relayed, but I think we should use 
either "forwarded" or "relayed" consistently throughout the specification.

[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/2001/WD-soap12-20010709/#_Toc478383605

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