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RE: HTTP Asynchronous Client Notifications (draft paper)

From: Frank DeRose <frankd@tibco.com>
Date: Fri, 4 May 2001 18:53:04 -0700
To: <eamon.otuathail@clipcode.com>, <xml-dist-app@w3.org>
IMHO, building event notification on top of HTTP is a really bad idea.

Think about the implications of using Technique 3 in your paper
(Delay-until-event, "never-ending-request") to do publish/subscribe with
wide fanout (1 publisher -> n subscribers, where n is very large).

HTTP (or rather, TCP, the usual underlying transport) is a
connection-oriented, point-to-point protocol.

So, first of all, you will consume resources just keeping the connections
open; as you noted in your paper, long-lived connections can get terminated
after an appropriate interval, so they will constantly need to get
reestablished (by whom?), with all the attendant round-trips.

Secondly, every time a publisher publishes a message, it will have have to
multiplex it into n point-to-point messages.

In this scenario, the network is quickly overwhelmed.

The right way to deliver events is through a multicast transport. Of course,
picking the right multicast transport and turning it into a standard that is
widely accepted, satisfies all security considerations, and has support in
standard software components (like browsers) is a major political
undertaking. But, paying the price up front is vastly preferable to trying
to graft event notification onto HTTP.

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> Subject: HTTP Asynchronous Client Notifications (draft paper)
> One of the interesting challenges with SOAP and the XML Protocol is how to
> transport events and other asynchronous notifications from components that
> reside on an HTTP origin server to a client.
> There is a draft discussion paper that examines a range of techniques at:
>   http://www.clipcode.com/peer/index.htm
> and a summary diagram is at:
>   http://www.clipcode.com/peer/http_async_client_notifications.png
> I would be interested in hearing (a) if there are any other techniques in
> use, and (b) if anyone has had positive / negative experiences with any of
> these techniques?
> Eamon O'Tuathail
> Clipcode.com
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