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Re: Two uses of SOAP

From: Frank D. Greco <fgreco@crossroadstech.com>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 12:16:42 -0400
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To: <xml-dist-app@w3.org>
At 07:31 AM 7/30/2001 -0700, Kurt Cagle wrote:
 >The disadvantages? Oh, I can think of a few on that one:

	It'd be nice to get a list of some of the disadvantages
	in one location so that they are addressed or at least discussed
	in a cogent fashion.

 >Just a few of my thoughts. I'm definitely still something of a newbie when
 >it comes to SOAP, so some or perhaps all of these issues may already be
 >resolved, but I think it might be worth asking this question of other people
 >who aren't so close to the issue or the specification.

	Totally agree.

	Our customers ask about incorporating SOAP into their infrastructures
	(probably more from .NET fear than anything else).  I would like to
	ensure, as much as reasonably possible, that they are doing the
	"right" thing.  With collaborative, cross-vendor, systolic apps
	seemingly becoming more useful to enterprises, we should be prudent
	that we do not replicate the problems with procedural-based RPC.

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