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Re: SOAP and dynamic structures

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Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 20:56:03 -0500
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You can come close by using the encoding mechanism and tagging all simple 
types with xsi:type.  The resulting messages are generally more or less 
self-describing in terms of data structure.

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        Subject:        SOAP and dynamic structures

Has there been any discussions or thoughts on SOAP supporting dynamic
structures, where the schema for that structure either appears in a SOAP
header or in the body? For instance, our environment supports dynamic
tables. Outside of SOAP, we support this by sending the schema information
along with the data. While I can see a way of doing this if we control 
sides of the wire, it kind of defeats the purpose. So is there any 
way that tools and clients can support this type of functionality?

David Cleary
thr Progress Company
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