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RE: [i95, i22] - Proposal for clarifying use of SOAPAction

From: Krashniker, Joanna <Joanna_Krashniker@icomverse.com>
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2001 08:30:07 +0300
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Subject: Re: [i95, i22] - Proposal for clarifying use of SOAPAction

> >1- Remove HTTP SOAP Header all together.
> >2- Keep HTTP Soap Header but define firm rules for its content.

The header is useful as a hint to existing transports.

It could be made MORE useful but should it track the header element or
the SOAP version?  It is also arguably redundant, duplicating either
data in the header or in the MIME content-type.

I think we should leave it as-is, since it seems to strike a compromise.
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