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RE: SOAP Interoperability Event in Raleigh?

From: PJ Murray <pj.murray@capeclear.com>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 16:40:11 +0100
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To: "'Ramesh Praveen'" <rpraveen@yahoo.com>, xml-dist-app@w3.org
Hello Ramesh,

The following text is taken from the Interop press release:

The first event will be hosted by IBM and Microsoft in Raleigh, North
Carolina on April 19th and 20th. (Details of the actual room location will
be posted when we know how many people plan on participating.)
The second event, hosted by Microsoft and IBM, is from May 8th - May 10th,
during NetWorld + Interop, and will be at the Las Vegas Convention Center,
Room N108. 

All details of these events will be available at:  

If you're interested in testing your SOAP 1.1 interoperability before the
show, please feel 
free to download CapeConnect Two for J2EE (website below).  
You can use any SOAP client (VB, C++, Perl, toolkit generated) to
communicate through SOAP to 
back-end EJBs. We've successfully tested interoperability against several
toolkits that are available on the Web - so it's not just theory, it works.


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Can someone tell me where the SOAP Interoperability
Event sponsored by IBM and Microsoft is going to be
held? I suppose its on April 19th and 20th?

Ramesh Praveen

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