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RE: Removal (Time for XMail?)

From: S. Mike Dierken <mike@knownow.com>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 09:44:21 -0700
To: <xml-dist-app@w3.org>
Perhaps since XML only defines a single document, there should be a way to
reference other documents from within a document.

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Encapsulating SGML Documents Using the Multipart/Related Content-Type


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> Most definitely... one possible solution that I've starting thinking about
> was some kind of scoped-id mechanism.  I'm not sure how this would work
> exactly so it is more of just a random thought, but it would be nice to be
> able to declare ID's within a particular scope in the document itself.  In
> others words:
>   <doc>
>     <some_data id='a1'/>
>     <some_data id='a2'/>
>     <some_data id='a3' local_scoped_id='1'>
>        <item id='a1'/>
>        <item id='a2'/>
>        <item id='a3'/>
>     </some_data>
>   </doc>
> The three <some_data/> elements exist in the global document scope, while
> the three <item/> elements exist within their own local scope.  Validation
> of ID's would occur on the scope level.  Obviously, there would
> be a lot of
> issues to work out. ;-)
> Anway, just a thought.
> - James
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> Subject: Re: Removal (Time for XMail?)
> I have a suspicion, not carefully considered, that ID= attributes can
> cause problems when XML is used as a generalized container for other XML.
> For example, let's consider the case where your e-mail has several
> attachments, each of them XML, and they make conflicting use of the same
> ID names.  As best I can tell, you can work around this as long as you're
> careful about what you validate and how, but as I say, I suspect
> there are
> some messy edge conditions here.  Certainly there are likely to be
> problems with any tools that take the container document as a whole and
> try to blindly interpret ID attributes.
> I have had this same concern for SOAP, for example, insofar as it serves
> as a generalized packaging framework for assembling XML messages.  Not a
> fatal problem, I think, but probably something that deserves a bit of
> thought.
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