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From: <duftler@us.ibm.com>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 17:26:00 -0400
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An initial release of a toolkit to work with WSDL and Apache SOAP
is now available via alphaWorks at:

Here's some info from the overview page:

The WSDL Toolkit is a set of tools that allow developers to generate client
and server code from a WSDL document. A WSDL document describes the
and deployment details of a Web service, that is, the interfaces and
supported by the service. Compliant server applications must support those
interfaces, and client users can learn from the document how the service
should be accessed.

This release of the WSDL toolkit contains two tools:
    - A client-side stub (proxy) generator that generates a stub for a
      service accessible via RPC over SOAP over HTTP and described by
      a WSDL document. The generated code will use Apache-SOAP
      (http://xml.apache.org/soap) for SOAP functionality.

    - A server-side skeleton generator that generates a skeleton for a
      service described by a WSDL document. The generated code is
      intended to be deployed using Apache-SOAP and will include the
      necessary deployment descriptor as well.

This version has been implemented as a pre-processor in front of
an updated version of the original NASSL toolkit. Additional features
include support for complex types and automatic generation of
serializers / deserializers for Apache SOAP.

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