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RE: A personal plea for peace and just a wee bit of patience (and I do mean a wee bit)

From: Box, Don <dbox@develop.com>
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2000 10:35:57 -0800
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> Subject: Re: A personal plea for peace and just a wee bit of patience
> (and I do mean a wee bit)
> Don, your enthusiasm is great, but your recount of what I 
> said and probably
> others, is imperfect and potentially quite disruptive.

Sorry. My attribution of your position was based on stuff I read on
scripting.com. In particular, the "W3C should adopt XML-RPC" heading caught
my attention.

> After the BOF I put all my thoughts together, and gave a 
> keynote speech at
> XTech from that, so anyone who wants to know what I think can read it,
> without transcription error.
> http://davenet.userland.com/2000/03/02/theTwowayweb
> Ken, whose programming I respect, also misread the piece. Ken 
> I support

This is great. Sorry if I misunderstood and implied otherwise.

> Here's to a discussion that's grounded in reality. Thanks.

Here here!

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